How to connect to Nekosu!

Connecting to Nekosu!

Connecting to Nekosu is simple! Just follow the steps below or watch this video tutorial to get connected.

Step by step tutorial

  • Create a shortcut for osu!.exe. This can be done by navigating to your osu! directory, right clicking on osu!.exe and clicking “Create shortcut”. You can also move this shortcut out of your osu! directory if you like.
    • Note: if on Windows 11, the create shortcut option is hidden under the show more options button in explorer.
  • For the shortcut, click properties and add -devserver to the end of the filepath (as shown below)
    enter image description here
    • Click apply and launch the game and you should be connected to Nekosu! Here you can log into your account you created on our website.
    • If you experience any issues with your shortcut, try adding “ to each side of your filepath (before -devserver For example: "D:\nekosu\osu!.exe" -devserver

If you have any issues connecting, please join our Discord server for support.

We do not support server switchers. Please use devserver.