Beatmap Preview System

Nekosu! Beatmap Preview System

This doc will act as a basic tutorial on how to use our beatmap preview system.


  • Open any beatmap link on the Nekosu website, this can be done by selecting beatmap listing in game while connected to our server or using our own beatmap listing.
  • On the beatmap page you will see a selection of buttons to the right hand side
  • If you would like a 30 second preview of the song, you can select “Song preview” and you will be taken to our beatmap mirror where you can play or download the song preview.
  • To access the beatmap preview, select the “Map preview” option on the right.
    • This will take you to the page and start downloading the beatmap of the page you were on
    • If the mapset has more than one difficulty, you can change which one is selected on our beatmap page as it currently cannot be changed through the preview site.
  • Now you are on the beatmap preview site, you can press play (after the map has loaded fully) to see a fully rendered preview of any beatmap.
    • Please be aware spinners are not currently supported.
  • You can append any map altering mods to the preview such as EZ, HR and DT.
    • If you are into mapping you can also alter the beatsnap divisor and offset.
  • In the options menu you can also alter the volume, dim and blur values as well as enabling/disabling snaking sliders, legacy slider render style and hit animations.

If you have any other queries about this system that aren’t answered in this doc, please ask in our Discord server