Ranking criteria

This is the official Nekosu ranking criteria for maps requested for rank. By default, beatmaps take the status of ranked/loved/unranked from Bancho, however, we can change this on our server. ## How to request a beatmap for ranking To request a beatmap for ranking/loving/unranking, you will need to join our Discord server. This is so we can create threads to let you know any issues we may have found with the map you requested and keep track of requests more easily.

Template for a request

To create a request that will get looked at with the most priority, please follow this template: - Song name (optional) - beatmap link (required) - :ranked:/:loved:/:grey_question:

The format can be seen on Discord below:


General Ranking criteria

Below are the requirements for a beatmap to be ranked on Nekosu


  • Correct song title and artist name


  • Timing for all maps must sound correct at 0.5x timeframe. AKA: ALL MAPS MUST BE TIMED CORRECTLY. IF THEY AREN’T, YOUR MAP WILL BE AUTOMATICALLY DISQUALIFIED


  • Hitsounding is not required, however it is recommended.


  • Beatmaps must not be exploit maps, such as stack exploits. These will be automatically disqualified from ranking AND loving
  • Practice difficulties (such as isogu, deltamax and CS-0 jump training) will not be ranked. They may be loved depending on the map set
  • Don’t spam beatmap requests. Our nomination team is only human, and spamming 20+ requests in one message won’t get your requests looked at any faster.

STD Ranking criteria

  • Objects must not go off screen in 4:3 aspect ratio.
  • No spinners that cannot get 1000 bonus score.
  • Everything must be snapped unless it is very clear that non snapped object is the objectively better way to represent song.

Taiko Ranking criteria


  • No timing issues whatsoever (Must be correct at a 0.25x timeframe)
  • Everything must be snapped
  • Note overlapping should make musical sense
  • Usage of odd beat snap divisors should be avoid if possible (if it the only way to represent rhythm without ruining quality, will allow)
  • 1.4 slider velocity
  • Slider tick rate of 1 for common beat map divisors


  • What he ranked section is but with minor inconsistencies but to the point where the map is still playable and enjoyable to the player
  • Practice difficulties
  • Packs such as tasuke912’s Dan-i Dojo or KawaiiBass Stream Challenge Packs

Other modes ranking criteria are in the works