If you have been restricted on Nekosu, the only way to appeal currently is through our Discord server. This doc will run you through what to expect from the appeal process.

Cheating restrictions

If you have been restricted for cheating, you will be expected to liveplay to prove your legitimacy. This will be taken incredibly seriously and if you are not able to provide a liveplay in 1 week without a valid reason, your account may be wiped and fully banned.

How to record a liveplay

If you are asked to submit a liveplay for us, here are the terms you must follow in order to gain a successful unrestriction.

  • You must play on Nekosu OR Bancho (mutual on bancho must be provided to prove ownership of the account.)

  • Task manager must be shown before and after the play.

  • PC startup does not need to be shown unless specified (however it may help your case if you include it).

  • You must show AT LEAST your monitor, tablet/mouse area and keyboard if applicable to the gamemode.

  • NOT REQUIRED If you would like to, its advised to show yourself pressing home/del/end to show no menus appear

  • Score meter type must be set to “Hit error” as shown in the screenshot below. After submitting a liveplay an admin will go through it within 24 hours of submission and a verdict will be decided based on all applicable staffs opinions of the gameplay, if you are confirmed to be a legit player, you will be given the Verified badge which will allow you to skip this process in future. If you do not complete a liveplay your account will be wiped and locked until you create a ticket for an appeal. Cheating restrictions (based on the case) may be forgiven after 3 months of inactivity, however, if we find evidence of cheating on your account again, your account will be locked with no appeal date.

    Multiaccounting restrictions

    If you are found multiaccounting your main account will be subject to a restriction based on the severity of the case. You can find all possible restriction timeframes below.

  • First case

    • For your first case (of a single multiaccount) your main account will be restricted for 1 month with the other account being locked permanently. This is non negotiable.
  • Second case

    • If you are found to have created another single multiaccount, your main will be restricted for 3 months and all multiaccounts will be locked permanently. This is non negotiable.
  • Third case/more than one multiaccount

    • If you are found to have created more than one multiaccount OR this is your third case of creating singular multiaccounts, your main account will be locked for 3 months and restricted for 3 more after this, as well as a full profile wipe with all multiaccounts being locked permanently. This is non negotiable.


Due to the unpredictable nature of miscellaneous restrictions, we are unable to put any advice here. Just create a ticket in our Discord server and the appropriate member of staff will get back to you, usually within the hour.