Hi, I'm NekoBot!
I'm here to help you out during your time here!

General Commands

    !help - Shows all commands you have access to in-game.

    !roll - Rolls a random number between 1 - 100. Number can be added to the command to increase/decrease the range.

    /np - Shows map average pp with certain accuracy. Must be sent in bots DM's.

    !with - Combined with /np can show average pp for a map with mods. EG. !with rxhtdt.

    !acc - similar to !with except you can add a custom accuracy value.

    !mirror - Links your currently playing map (using /np) with various beatmap mirrors

    !mino - Links currently playing map with Mino

    !syntax - Shows syntax of a given command

    !discord - Links our Discord server

Multiplayer Commands

    !mp start - Force starts a multiplayer game

    !mp abort - Force stops a multiplayer game and forces everyone back to the lobby

    !mp host - Switch hosts with commands. Original host has access to this command whether they are the current host or not

    !mp make - Create a multiplayer match through chat

    !mp mods - Change mods for all users