Rules are changed periodically to adapt to the player landscape.

General rules

Any violation of the rules in this section will result in a restriction or ban, temporary or permanent, depending on the gravity.

  1. Cheating and hacking is strictly prohibited with the exceptions having the permission of higher staff.
  2. Edited clients that give players an unfair advantage are not allowed under any circumstances.
  3. Client patching is not allowed.
  4. Shared or boosted accounts are not allowed and will be punished according to our multiaccounting policy.
  5. Exploiting vunerabilities for a malicious reason is bannable. You will be better off reporting it to the developer or owner team.
  6. Inappropriate usernames will be automatically changed and you may be punished with a silence.
  7. Don’t abuse our patience; while we try to best satisfy our users’ need, if you repeatedly infringe our rules or abuse services provided by the staff (e.g. appealing and name changing) (with particular regard to users who also disrespect our staff’s efforts, passively or actively, or are otherwise toxic within the community), we will first warn you, and if it comes to it we will offer an ultimatum. If you refuse or otherwise don’t change your behaviour, we’ll have no choice but to ban you.
  8. Impersonation is prohibited and doing so may read to a punishment which will be decided on your motives.

Profile rules

Any violation of the rules in this section will result in a silence and userpage/avatar reset.

  1. NSFW and offensive avatars/userpage contents are not allowed.
  2. Don’t link to illegal stuff/porn/warez/viruses on userpages.
  3. Do not use offensive custom badges and do not pretend to be someone else with your custom badge. If you abuse the badges system, you’ll be silenced and you won’t be able to edit your custom badge anymore.
  4. Keep your profile backgrounds SFW. Abusing your supporter benefits will lead to a removal of supporter from your account without a refund.

Cheating and Multiaccounting Policy

This is how we handle the bad guys at Nekosu!

Cheating Punishments Cheating utilises a 3 strike system.

  • 1st strike: 1 month long restriction + wipe of the cheated gamemodes
  • 2nd strike: 3 month restriction + full wipe of the account
  • 3rd strike: Permanent but appealable ban

Multiaccounting Multiaccounting adopts a similar system to cheating. Every single time will result with the permanent ban of the multiaccount.

  • 1st strike: 15 day restriction on the main account
  • 2nd strike: 1-1.5 month restriction on the main account
  • 3rd strike: Permanent but appealable restriction on the main account

In-game Toxicity

Each case of toxicity that is seen as going over the line will me met with an in-game silence (and Discord mute if it occurs here). The silence times will increase exponentially and will begin at 1 hour.